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Tina Bell in Broccoli Magazine #14

"Martin introduced weird tuning and scales that eventually permeated the Seattle scene as a whole, and Bell’s early gospel choir days gave her the full-bodied voice she needed to be heard over the thrashing instruments."  

"Her unpredictable dynamism was marked by shifts between cheeky flirtations with her bandmates and arresting hardcore mic deliveries that felt impossibly powerful coming from her lithe frame." 

Neyat Yohannes, Broccoli Magazine Apr 4, 2022. 

WOW- BAM BAM Villains (Also Wear White) got a great review in MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL!!

"I love when a record is reissued and it completely upends how we understand music history, giving us new classics to revere and pioneers their proper place." 

Corby Plumb, Maximum Rocknroll  Feb 27, 2022. 

IT'S OUT!! Bam Bam - Villains (also wear white) 12" reissue

Three tracks from the original Reciprocal Recording 7" release and three unreleased demos. Produced by Chris Hanzsek & Tommy Martin, remastered by production legend Jack Endino. (cover pics by David Ledgerwood. )

Includes unlimited streaming of Villains (Also Wear White) EP via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC, and more..  
Limited first run of 1000 records. 20 random copies will have a vintage  flyer inserted and 5 extra lucky random copies will include an original 7" release from 1984. 
Out next week on Bric-a-Brac Records just in time for Tina Bell's birthday Feb 5th!!   

10 Obscure Artists Who Shaped Popular Music

Mark E. Moon. Dallas Observer, Jan 11, 2022

"As many critics have pointed out lately, Seattle band Bam Bam predated bands like Nirvana and Mudhoney in the same music scene, only to fade into a criminal state of obscurity. Bam Bam is considered by these thinkpieces to be one of the first grunge bands."  

F*cking awesome for Bam Bam to be on a list with Link Wray, The Gun Club and Lee Scratch Perry!!  

Grunge Trailblazers Bam Bam are Finally Getting Their Rightful Place in Rock History.

by Jen B. Larson, Bandcamp Daily · Nov 23, 2021.

by Jen B. Larson, Bandcamp Daily · Nov 23, 2021.

"Before Nevermind: How Grunge Became Grunge".

Trash Theory, UK. Additional writing & research by Serenity Autumn. Sep 30 2021.

British documentary features Tina Bell & Bam Bam as one of the progenitors of.. you know...the 'G' word. 

Dig the chapters: 

00:00 Introduction 
01:58 The Prehistory of Grunge
04:59 Bam Bam
06:47 Green River & Deep Six
09:05 Melvins
10:37 The Influence of Alternative Rock
13:18 Screaming Trees
15:04 Mudhoney & Sub Pop
17:05 Soundgarden
19:33 Nirvana & Bleach
21:18 Mother Love Bone & Temple of the Dog
24:26 Alice in Chains
27:00 Outside Washington
29:21 Pearl Jam
31:41 Nevermind and Everything After 

10 obscure but brilliant grunge bands who should’ve been huge. By Dave Everley - Louder, September 06, 2021.

"The greatest pre-grunge band no one ever talks about. Their metal-edged post-punk was ahead of the curve, but it was Bell – Black, female and charismatic as hell – who was their point of brilliance."

"The greatest pre-grunge band no one ever talks about. Their metal-edged post-punk was ahead of the curve, but it was Bell – Black, female and charismatic as hell – who was their point of brilliance."

'Godmother of Grunge': Seattle music icons gather to honor music pioneer Tina Bell.

NBC's Seattle affiliate KING 5 News' feature on Tina Bell & Bam Bam.

Tina Bell was the frontwoman of Bam Bam, an early grunge band that went on to inspire several grunge heavy hitters from Seattle. 

Matt Cameron, the former drummer of Bam Bam and Soundgarden and current drummer for Pearl Jam played at the event along with Jenelle Roccaforte, Kendall Jones of Fishbone and Stone Gossard, lead guitarist for Pearl Jam.

Before Nirvana or Pearl Jam, there was Tina Bell, the godmother of grunge.

Musicians pay tribute in upcoming concert

I was interviewed by the Seattle Times last week; talking about Tina Bell and Bam Bam's influence on musicians to come, and the hard earned recognition Tina Bell's finally starting to receive!!

KEXP Presents BAM BAM Tributaries; A Tribute to Tina Bell and Bam Bam.

With Re-Ignition (Bad Brains Tribute) and special guest DJ C-Note. 8pm Fri Jul 9 at The Central Saloon Seattle.

The Band: 
`MATT CAMERON: Drums (Bam Bam, Skin Yard, Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, Pearl Jam)..  

`STONE GOSSARD: Guitar (Green River, Mother Love Bone, Temple of the Dog, Pearl Jam) 

`KENDALL JONES: Guitar (Fishbone) 

`JENELLE ROCCAFORTE: Bass (Montral Latin Blues) 

`AYRON JONES: Guitar (Ayron Jones Band) 

The Singers: 

`OM JOHARI  (Hell's Belles, Re-Ignition) 

`EVA WALKER (the Black Tones) 


`DEJHA (The Union Gospel) 

`D'MITRA SMITH (Ex's with Benefits) 

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