I Was There: All Hail The TINA BELL & BAM BAM Seattle All-Star Tribute Review!

by Samantha Hollins of The Culture Rock Griot

Scotty Buttocks and Samantha Hollins, Chris Nelson and Samantha Hollins in front of Tina Bell mural, Chris Nelson and Scotty Buttocks, Kendall Jones and Samantha Hollins, Samantha Hollins and TJ Martin, Chris Nelson and Kendall Jones, Samantha Hollins, DJ C-Note, D'mitra Smith Dawn, Chris Nelson. Chris Nelson, Samantha Hollins, D'mitra Smith Dawn.

Much love and respect for Om Johari

An animated Thank You from Scotty Buttocks

Much love and respect for Om Johari for her tireless efforts ensuring the Tina Bell and Bam Bam Tributaries show was a success. Lady; you fockin' ROCK!!  
Scotty Buttocks, Bam Bam.

Matt Cameron, TJ Martin, Scotty 'Buttocks' Ledgerwood

at the Central Saloon in Seattle; taping interviews with CBS This Morning /CBS Sunday Morning for their upcoming feature story on Tina Bell and Bam Bam. pic by Sandy 'Scandals' Ledgerwood.

Bam Bam

A year prior to the birth of Green River, Seattle made acquaintance with an equally sludgy sound, the sound of Bam Bam. Fronted by the powerful voice of Tina Bell..Bam Bam are definitely a hidden gem of the Northwest and one of the most influential bands of the ’80s’ Seattle.” - Dan Tecucianu

The Sonic Mosquito

Final episode of BAZZOOKA closes with a tribute to Tina Bell featuring Bam Bam's song Ground Zero.

Thank you Danny Denial and Degenerate Films for this honor.

Final episode of what AFROPUNK calls "the visionary dystopian series  BAZZOOKA", closes with  a tribute to Tina Bell featuring Bam Bam's song Ground Zero. 

We are very proud to be a part of this. 
Thank you Danny Denial and Degenerate Films for honoring Tina Bell. 

I highly reccomend ya'll check out the soundtrack; there's some extraordinarily talented people involved. 

Tina Bell: Unsung Goddess of Grunge. KEXP Sound & Vision show. Matt Cameron (Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, & Bam Bam drummer), musician & writer Om Johari, Academy Award winning director TJ Martin and I are among those sharing memories of Tina Bell.

If you missed the broadcast, button links to the Podcast or check NPR.org MAR 2, 2021  https://www.npr.org/podcasts/739574209/k-e-x-p-s-sound-vision/partials

Bam Bam - Ground Zero. (single, 1984)

Called In Sic

The Lil Eva Braun Show

Boys, fights, home work, shoplifting, roller derby; just an average gal doing average things.