A statue of Bam Bam singer Tina Bell in planning to be permanently displayed on Broadway

Help us to honor one of Seattle's most celebrated and influential daughters.

"The M. Rosetta Hunter Gallery and Seattle Central College will continue to celebrate the legacy of Tina Bell in the coming years. We are planning a small mural in the EDIC office, a larger exterior mural, and finally we are in the early stages of planning a statue of her on the south lawn across the street from the Jimi Hendrix statue on Broadway". 

If you would like to support or learn more about these upcoming projects please sign up here: Support Tina Bell Artworks. 

Only One, Tina Bell

by T.J. McKay Martin, Citizen Magazine, issue 002.

TJ Martin, recalls collecting the evidence of his mother’s life. 

Tina Bell: The Young Black Woman at the Ground Zero of Grunge.

by Dylan Brewerton-Harper. Glassgow University Magazine (GUM) Dec 2023.

Cool piece on us in Scotland (m' homelan')

The 9 Best Grunge Singers

Tina Bell #8!!

By Jacob Uitti. American Songwriter, Sept 12, 2023.

Happy 40th 'birthday' Bam Bam!!

40 years ago in the Spring of 1983, I started writing songs with Tina Bell & Tommy Martin. By late Summer we'd added Matt Cameron and soon after started going by the name Bam Bam. Happy 40th 'Birthday' Bam Bam!!

 Scotty 'Buttocks' Ledgerwood

"Scott Ledgerwood - Bam Bam - in conversation with David Eastaugh"

C86 Show - Indy Pop, December 28, 2022

The interview I did with David Eastaugh for C86 Show - Indy Pop aired in the UK yesterday..  

Happy B-day to Matt F'n Cameron - the Rock God of Percussion, Bam Bam's 1st drummer, (and a swell guy to boot)!! Hugs & tugs to ya's Matt!!

'Tina Bell - The story of grunge's forgotten first lady".'

Rock star, interrupted: the unsung story of grunge pioneer Tina Bell and Bam Bam. By Polly Glass, Classic Rock Magazine. Sept 2022, online version Oct 19 2022.

"The story of Seattle grunge forerunners Bam Bam, fronted by the incendiary Tina Bell, is one of the most compelling – and criminally overlooked – in rock’n’roll. Ten years after Bell’s tragic death, we find out where it all first went right – and then wrong". 

The interview we did with Britain's Classic Rock Magazine is online now. The full piece was printed in Classic Rock Magazine's Sept 2022 issue. 

Click button to link to online article; follow text link if you want to buy a print copy: 


Bam Bam "I'm Dead" on Netflix's Wendell & Wild official Spotify Playlist. (click pic for link)

Bam Bam

Bam Bam - Ground Zero. (single, 1984)

Called In Sic

The Lil Eva Braun Show